Genuine Elegance Pageants is a natural pageant system that is founded on the basic principle of Integrity. Our system promotes self-esteem, self-confidence, honesty, kindness, and compassion through pageantry, community service and good sportsmanship.
We strive to help all of our contestants gain the poise, interview and public speaking skills to Dream the Impossible. Genuine Elegance promotes and believes in instilling a love for community service and giving to those in need which gives our contestants the desire to Seek the Unknown. 

Genuine Elegance is a pageant system where everyone from the first time beginner to the most experienced veteran can participate in a family friendly and drama free environment where our contestants build valuable life skills. The most important skill we hope that each and everyone of you take away your experience with our system is self-confidence, for this is a virtue we believe will take each and every one of you down a path to Achieve Greatness.


Come and join the fun and  make fabulous life-time memories with the pageant system where your not just a friend but family!!

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