National Optional Competitions

Below you will find a brief description of  our optional competitions for our National Event.

Runway Model

(All Age Divisions)

Contestants may choose any outfit that reflects their sense of style as long as it is age appropriate. Props are allowed during this competition however, must be carried by the contestant, and may not be set down on the stage at anytime and must be carried back off stage by the contestant. The contestant is encouraged to show their personality while modeling. NO pro-am or glitz modeling is allowed.

Public Speaker

(Little through ElegantMs. Age Divisions)

The contestant must write an original speech that is informative, persuasive, motivational or funny. Must be at least 200 words long, but cannot last longer than five minutes. This speech will be given on stage in front of an audience. There will be a 10 point deduction if the speech goes over five minutes.


(All Age Divisions)

Photos that are submitted by the contestants can be candid snapshots or professional photos and should be headshots. Photos should be no larger than an 8” x 10”, and can be black and white or full color. Photos should be natural. Please note that glitz photos will not be accepted. Each contestant will be responsible for picking up their photo at the end of the National Competition.


(All Age Divisions)

For this competition, 3 photos will need to be brought to registration in a portfolio (Book/Binder). Photos should be 8 x 10 and can be in color or black and white. Use your creativity and show your personality in your photos. Pictures can be headshots, full body shots and have props used. Again, please note that no Glitz photos will be accepted. If a photo is considered to Glitz a 10 point deduction will be given for each Glitz photo in the portfolio.


(Pee Wee through ElegantMs. Age Divisions)

This area of competition can consist of Singing, Dancing, Tumbling, or Reciting your favorite poem, etc.. (No fire and/or knives). You must perform for at least 2 minutes but no longer then 2 minutes and 30 seconds. If you go over the allotted time you will receive a 10 point deduction.

"Best Of"

(All Age Divisions)

“Best Of” Personal Interview

(Little through Noble Ms. Age Divisions)

This award will go to the contestant with the highest score in the personal interview in each age division.


“Best Of” Personal Introduction (Little through Noble Ms. Age Divisions)

This award will go to the contestant with the highest score in the On-Stage Introduction in each age division.


“Best Of” Formal Wear

(All Age Divisions)

This award will go to the contestant with the highest score in the Formal wear in each age division.


“Best Of” Onstage Personality (Baby and Pee Wee Age Divisions Only)

This will be awarded to the contestant in each age division with the highest personality score.

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