2019 Genuine Elegance Royal Queens

Miss Genuine Elegance Royal Queen

Sabrina / Wyoming 

Little Genuine Elegance Royal Queen

Sophia / Wyoming 

Junior Genuine Elegance Royal Queen

Taitymn / Colorado

Ms. Genuine Elegance Royal Queen

Nicole / Colorado 

2019 National Royal Court

Tot Queen

Baylor / Colorado

Pee Wee Queen

Tinsley / Colorado

Little Queen

Paisley / Colorado

Preteen Princess

Kathryn / Florida

Tot Princess

Evelyn / Colorado

Petite Queen

Aubrey / Wyoming

Little Princess

Anastasia / Tennessee

Teen Queen

Shelby / Wyoming

Tot Duchess

Gabriella / Colorado

Petite Princess

Serenity / Tennessee

Preteen Queen

KayLynn / Wyoming

Miss Queen

Tori / Colorado

Exquisite Ms. Queen

Dana / Colorado

Elegant Ms. Queen

Michelle / Tennessee

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